Philips PET/CT Gemini GXL 16

Product Code: 2546
Manufacturer: Philips
Year of Manufacture: 2008
Status: Available
Category: PET/CT Scanner


Philips PET/CT Gemini GXL 16

Modality: PET/CT
Model: Gemini 16 GXL
YOM: 2008

Gantry Count:
Tube Count:X-Ray tube MRC, manufacturing date: 2008, exposure counts: 187304, total scan time: 124 h
Tube Model:MRC
Software:PET/CT Software version is Release 3.3 from 2004, Evaluation software (EBW Nextstar) is from 2009
Assembly:DMS & Detector
Generator:Briliance V:480 Hz:50/60 Phase:3
Patient Support: Gemini PET/CT
Console: Yes

respiratory triggering system, radiotherapy table, SUV Phantom, CT Phantom, Alignment Phantom,
Water Phantom

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