Lithotripsy wolf piezolith 3000

Product Code: 2512
Manufacturer: Richard Wolf
Year of Manufacture: 2006
Status: Available
Category: Lithotripsy


Piezolith 3000 incl. ultrasound and X-Ray

Configuration in service 2006 – out of service 2019

Piezolith 3000, June 2006. The source was renewed in 2012 and has 9 million shots.

Patient-table universal, June 2006.

Ultrasound Kretz combison 401 (June 2006). The ultrasound-probe L-WAW4/5P38276 was renewed in November 2011)

X-Ray Compact 7700 + Printer UP-980CE

pizolith 3000 for x-ray and us localization (1 pcs)

x-ray unit C-arc/dap/lithoarm (1pcs)

ultrasound unit aloka prosound (1pcs)

treatment table comfort stretcher (1pcs)

medical UPS unit ( 1pcs)

medical plure usp 200 (1pcs)

FBID: 223

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